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UHONEYUSA, LLC offers production and wholesale of high quality honey from Ukraine. Ukraine holds one of the leading positions in the world of honey production. Our company is a major honey exporter and has created a unique system of quality control. Honey we sell is produced by private individuals in small rural communities, it is home-made and organic.


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Our basic product is multiflower honey. We can produce monofloral honey varieties by request (sunflower, buckwheat, linden and acacia) and limited edition “Carpathian multiflower”, honey gathered in the mountains at the altitudes around 2000 meters above the sea level. Every batch goes

through 3 level testing. We maintain high standards for quality control and provide International Certificate of Quality for every batch of honey. Minimum order size is 20 metric tons (44000 lbs).


Our business targets not only the supplies of quality honey to foreign markets, but also we support the small local business of honey production - families of honey producers who live in remote areas of the country. We help them sell and support their families.


We purchase honey from small beekeepers, who don’t produce in large volumes, thus they don’t use any chemicals in the process. It is home-made honey, as your grandma would make it. It is organic just because it is produced in small villages allover the country. There are no highways, nor even roads in the areas where these bees live. This honey contains all the useful properties, it is saturated with Ukrainian sun bears Ukrainian air of the mountains, steppes and fresh sea breeze.


We can also offer packed honey, click here to download the prices


We focus on quality of the product to provide the best for our clients. Each batch of material undergoes rigorous scientific testing by our quality control experts. This competitive advantage allows us to provide wholesale supply of high-quality honey to the most demanding customers around the world. The purpose of our business is not only to provide the high quality honey, but also to support the honey producers in distant rural areas of Ukraine by helping them find the market for their products.




Quality honey is combined into batches of up to 20 tons and homogenized. The most important parameter is the temperature control during this process. We warm up the honey to no more than 40 degrees Celsius to make sure that our product does not lose its biological properties.


Raw materials collection. In addition to our own production, UHONEYUSA, LLC has formed its own network of suppliers, that include the best Ukrainian beekeepers, who deliver high-quality raw materials.


Quality control. After homogenization, the batch of honey comes to a secondary quality control. At this stage, our laboratory staff monitors the compliance of the product parameters to the parametrs requested by the client.


Quality control. While most companies only randomly test samples of the raw materials they receive, we test every barrel that comes in. Each one is sampled until it is completely approved.


Certification. After laboratory research of the Ukrainian government laboratory SSRSI (State Scientific-Research Control Institute), every batch of honey receives International certificate of quality.


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